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Brand Story

Every chair is a simple life.


Milan western town.

Waiting for the day and night alternate.

Waiting for soul awakening in the morning.

Precipitate in the historic town, slowly enjoy Italy and romantic tradition, walking over centuries, under the time washing smell of enduring, with simple and comfortable modern perfect fusion.

The beginning of the sunny day is always right, city of quiet, still I have a group of white dove wings fly in the sky. Ahead in the Renaissance cathedral, a studio of simple plain and neat, sunshine is full of window lies a

Dante "Roman epic"; Chair and floor collision, leaving a tail lingering in the floor; Paper and pencil vujacic moussa, the inspiration of designers, particularly clear in the silence.

Every detail is respect for life.

Each a piece of paper is work for inspiration.

Ten years of originality insist, as "Roman epic" grand in general.

A few root designer in Italy, as always express the feeling of life in work. "Minimalism" is an ideal, they "comfortable" is the pursuit of them, once the full enthusiasm and energy into it, perfect artistic pursuit is endless, write the ideal into every chair in the story, provide people with better and more comfortable life.

Simple is the most profound comprehension about life.

Our Designer

  • John William Bennett

    Graduated from furniture design (honors) from the Leeds institute of technology (1978-1980) and graduate of the royal college of art (1980 to 1983 (RCA) M DES

    His works have been exhibited at the international and won many design awards including "Compasso d 'Oro" and the design index of the ADI, design with light and building award ", "good design", the Chicago athenaeum and "competition" best new conservatism, editors' choice awards, MIFF 2016 white gold medal.

  • Georgsen

    "I am eager to create a better and more comfortable than the existing chair."

    The world's best and most productive furniture designers, simple clean lines always give distortion may be through his extensive travel and life, millions of families around the world can be found in his works.


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